Jonah Senzel

Composition, New Media,

Interactive Arts

  • Works

    Question Answering Machine, 2021

    A playful public installation about sharing secrets with strangers in public space, permanently installed outside Victoria Square Project Gallery in Athens, Greece

  • Pausa, 2019

    An interactive audiovisual piece based around the real time construction of a musical piece by the participant

    The Envelope Manifesto, 2020

    A low tech (no tech) system of playfully and cheaply sharing information in public space

  • Seasons, 2018

    A collection of interactive minimalist digital poems centered around unseen miniscule interactions in nature

    2 urban walks, 2019

  • walk 1 walk 2
  • interactive guided urban walks based on Guy Debord's theory of dérive

    Old Friends

    a game about keeping up (playable on web)

    Flip, 2019

    a persistent flipbook animation created as visitors draw frames on the site

  • Music for Wandering, 2019

    A long form musical piece to accompany the act of dèrive, drifting, or urban wandering

    Screenshot Journal, 2020

  • Untitled Piece for Webcam, 2017

    an experimental collaboration with New Media artist Kaitlin Benitez, using a webcam and embedded electronics to autonomously capture and upload exterior nature time lapses

    Transformation, 2017

    A video processing algorithm that reconstructs source footage, creating a parallel work that is only marginally recognizable but shares core visual principles